About us


Cerekon was formed by like minded industry professionals, having decades of experience in mechatronics and 3D visualization .  The intent was to provide value based solutions, which will help in achieving business goals for any IOT and Immersive Reality implementation .

In the next few years, IOT and Immersive Reality (AR/VR) , is  going to change the lives of people and the industry  . While that is true, there are a lot of approaches on implementing IOT solutions starting with a bottom-up approach.

While the bottom-up approach might work for some implementations, our belief is that as a technical strategy , the core  of any IOT/Immersive Reality program , lies in first "aligning the Business goals with Business decisions " .

It is with thought process, that  the team @Cerekon, works for any given project.


Our drive of coming to work everyday  is to deploy solutions , which are easy to use, provides real time scientific analysis of data, can be easily controlled  and assists  to increase our customers growth and revenues.


The team at Cerekon is comprised of a unique blend of domain experts, developers, Solution Architects, Sensor/Control Systems Engineers and have tendency to think outside the proverbial box.

We recognise that, every organization has its own unique flavour of doing business with their respective user/customer base .

Cerekon's "kEGS" methodology, is a straight forward, prescriptive approach, in 4 stages. The stages start from business engagement to launch.

We work with many industry verticals  , be it Manufacturing, Shipping, Buildings, Water management, Smart Cities, Retail, etc..

Whatever the size of our customer's business, we work with a partnership mindset; delivering a combination of our services by adopting KEGS methodology ( konnect, Evaluate, Generate and Set-in-Motion).

  • We are outcome focussed:

  • We help our clients to understand their true potential, and then to measure the return on investment that our work drives.

  • The fact that we deliver real business impact, means that our clients work with us long term.