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About us


Cerekon was formed by like minded industry professionals, having decades of experience in mechatronics and 3D visualization .  The intent was to provide value based solutions, which will help in achieving business goals for any IOT and Immersive Reality implementation .

In the next few years, IOT and Immersive Reality (AR/VR) , is  going to change the lives of people and the industry  . While that is true, there are a lot of approaches on implementing IOT solutions starting with a bottom-up approach.

While the bottom-up approach might work for some implementations, our belief is that as a technical strategy , the core  of any IOT/Immersive Reality program , lies in first "aligning the Business goals with Business decisions " .

It is with thought process, that  the team @Cerekon, works for any given project.


Our drive of coming to work everyday  is to deploy solutions , which are easy to use, provides real time scientific analysis of data, can be easily controlled  and assists  to increase our customers growth and revenues.

kEGS Anchor 1

The team at Cerekon is comprised of a unique blend of domain experts, developers, Solution Architects, Sensor/Control Systems Engineers and have tendency to think outside the proverbial box.

We recognise that, every organization has its own unique flavour of doing business with their respective user/customer base .

Cerekon's "kEGS" methodology, is a straight forward, prescriptive approach, in 4 stages. The stages start from business engagement to launch.

We work with many industry verticals  , be it Manufacturing, Shipping, Buildings, Water management, Smart Cities, Retail, etc..

Whatever the size of our customer's business, we work with a partnership mindset; delivering a combination of our services by adopting KEGS methodology ( konnect, Evaluate, Generate and Set-in-Motion).

  • We are outcome focussed:

  • We help our clients to understand their true potential, and then to measure the return on investment that our work drives.

  • The fact that we deliver real business impact, means that our clients work with us long term.

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