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Handsfree Solutions

Industrial Smart Glass solutions

Cerekon is a provider of industrial smart glass solutions for manufacturing, logistics, shipping, inspections and maintenance industry. 


Our wearable offerings, provide organisations & end users, with the unique ability to; 

  1. Add Work Instructions in a real environment for maintenance  & repair of equipment products.

  2. Manage Picking operations in Warehouse and Logistics.

  3. Provide Virtual assistance via Remote support using Smart Glasses.

  4. Conduct voice based Inspections/Safety Audits for sites, products, ships, etc..

VizPick Smart Glass solutions from Cerekon, helps to save time in locating the

products, picking validation, determine availability of quantity and updating inventory

for pick-an-pack services.

Our Warehouse picking solutions offers real-time object recognition, barcode reading, indoor navigation, and integration with Warehouse Management(WMS) Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems .

VizCheck : Empowering Field Personnell & Inspectors to conduct Faster & Safer Hands-free Inspection

Time is of the essence, when it comes to industrial inspections, issue reporting, conducting audits, maintenance & repair activities on the factory floor, Ships, Oil rigs , Construction sites and on the field .

More so, when these issues need to be addressed immediately with the correct diagnosis, right procedure & appropriate

safety measures .

VizCheck, a handsfree, voice driven SAAS platform, used to accelarate Inspection activities for site, systems or

equipment, usinga simple voice driven, hands-free approach, for check-lists, safety audits, Remote support, annotations & compliance procedures.

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Handsfree Solutions

IOT/IIOT Solutions

IoT Solutions


Manufacturers, face constant pressure, to continuously improve operational performance, but the high variability of systems and equipment by plant, by line and even by manufacturing process, combined with a mix of modern equipment and legacy investments, creates visibility, interoperability and flexibility challenges that are strong barriers to operational excellence.

Our Solutions , help Manufacturing operations to connect with PLC's, sensors, actuators and other devices that create islands of data . This data is then analysed, to create meaningful information , which is used for predictive maintenance, real time performance analysis, device management and to simulate operational scenarios. 


Water is the most essential substance, which apart from survival and day-to-day needs, is used in almost all industries .With the advent of IOT, there is now an opportunity to turn real-time site information into actionable knowledge, that saves organisations with substantial money & time, PLUS accelerates clean and green earth initiatives .

 Not only, will smart water solutions  make human life convenient; rather it will also help in the effective conservation, as well as management of our resources and energies.

Our solutions can not only report the real time daily usage, quantities of water in a reservoirs/storage tanks at any point of time , but, will also provide information in determining the cost of fabricating and erecting pump houses. Apart from that, information on water distribution channels, quality of water( PH value, Dissolved O2, etc..) monitoring can be achieved, through a combination of IOT sensors,  as well as, using predictive analytics.


The "industrial internet of things” ( IIOT's) applicability has found its way to sea, with connected sensors and unified platforms, designed to provide increased visibility for crews. Ships have for some time been equipped with sensors that collect data but most of these sensors are used only for incident detection and device management.


Cerekon can assist shipping companies to optimise this data from sensors, in real time and sent it to a  captain, their colleagues, other ships in the network or the shipping company’s communication headquarters on land. An entire echo system of optimised information can be generated on dashboards

Despite the fact, that ships carried an estimated 9.6 billion tons of cargo in 2013 – around 80% of global trade by volume and over 70% of global trade by value – the maritime industry lags behind alternative transport industries, in terms of its use of information and communications technology, according to surveys.

Instances where our industrial IoT solutions can be implemented in maritime operations,  can have a significant impact on route optimization, maintenance costs and asset tracking


Cerekon is a solution provider, in the design and deployment of turnkey IoT/M2M systems for Smart systems .We develop and deploy on-premise , Cloud IOT and Hybrid solutions for multiple industries ,  using automation of what-if workflows and using Scientific analysis, to generate real time Dashboards . These dash boards can be used to analyse  performance and for predictive maintenance.

Cerekon's other Vertical IOT solution offerings are :

  • Facility Management and Smart Buildings

  • Fleet management

  • Oil & Gas 

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