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Industrial wearables for Field Inspections

Time is of the essence, when it comes to industrial inspections, issue, reporting, conducting audits, maintenance & repair activities on the factory floor, Ships, Oil rigs , Construction sites and on the field .

More so, when these issues need to be addressed immediately with the correct diagnosis, right procedure & appropriate safety measures .

These field issues, which directly hit the bottom line of any organisation and account to approximately 30-50% of loss in operational efficiency, can be resolved with handsfree wearables.

Voice Driven handsfree solutions

Cerekon's handsfree solution ,'VizCheck' ,addresses all the pain elements above, when it comes to Field Inspection activities of site, systems or equipment .

All the by using simple voice driven commands coupled with hands-free approach tagged to pre-defined Inspection processes,

Vizcheck allows the Field Inspectors & Auditors to create their own parameters, use remote support, share documents & annotate graphics & maintain compliance with Inspection procedures.

Our Smart Glass solutions ,are scalable to be deployed on-cloud OR on-premise.

About Cerekon

Cerekon, is a Singapore based provider of industrial handsfree & voice driven,

wearable solutions for manufacturing, logistics, shipping ,construction, plants, Oil & Gas

and maintenance industry. We bring the “real world” element , integrate systems and

provide solutions that are purpose built for rugged and industrial use.

For more information please reach out on .

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