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elevate AR - FAQ's

Following are the key FAQ's for elevate AR


  1. What is “elevate AR”?

“elevate AR” is a way of displaying 3D images/models within mobile devices . It combines image markers with Augmented Reality to provide the most dramatic designs available yet Making it the most accessible way of viewing products and spaces in a realistic environment.

2. What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (or AR) is the technology that superimposes computer-generated and digitally rendered images on a user's view of the real world surrounding, thus providing a composite view and a sense of an illusion or virtual reality. Recent developments have made this technology accessible using a smart phone or tablet.

3. How does one start using “elevate AR?

After downloading “elevate AR “ app on the mobile device, the user can either choose "Browse" mode to view the 3D objects OR "Scan" mode.  

For "Scan" mode, the user need to either use Standard login or Facebook social media login. Also, image markers are required in order to use Scan mode. 

4. What are the type of login modes for “elevate AR?

To use “elevate AR”, the user has to either register as an “elevate AR” user OR alternatively can login via their existing Facebook social media login ID .

5. How does "elevate AR" Work?

Once logged in, the user can experience the Augmented reality images by either choosing ‘Scan’ Mode or ‘Browse’ mode .

In ‘Scan’ mode, the user needs to scan the respective marker to view the AR images/models. Also, Scan requires the user to login to elevate AR .

In ‘Browse” mode , the user can choose the models from the categories and view  the models . ‘ Browse’ mode is similar to public galleries and is accessible to all users of "elevate AR" .

6. How do I contact technical support regarding "elevate AR " ?

Incase you have any support issues to be reported, please send an email to along with your registered "elevate AR" username and email iD . 

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